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Managing your Conal Organizer account

If you are an event organizer, and would like to add your event to Conal, you need an organizer account. You cannot add events to our website with a subscriber account, a subscriber account is only for receiving notifications about your events in your area(s) of interest.

To create an organizer account, and add your event to Conal, please visit:

and click on Add event. There is no charge for an ordinary listing, but at the end of the listing process, you will be offered a paid service for additional publicity. Please simply ignore this if it is not needed.

At the same time as adding an event you will be creating an organizer account. If you would like to add more events to Conal Conference Alerts, please log in to your organizer account before adding events. All your events will then be visible on your organizer dashboard, and you will be able to edit and promote them there.

 Here is a link to a tutorial video explaining the process of adding an event to our database:


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Managing your Conal subscriber account

Conal has two types of accounts: a subscriber account and an organizer account.

If you want to receive alerts about events, you need a subscriber account.

If you want to add an event to Conal listings, or promote an event, you need an organizer account.

Today, we are dealing with Conal Subscriber accounts.

To subscribe to receive event information in your areas of interest from Conal, please visit:

and click on subscribe. You will begin receiving event information after you have confirmed your subscription. There is no charge for subscribing to Conal Conference Alerts. 

During the subscribe process, you will be asked to add keywords to your subscriber profile which describe the topics in which you are interested. You will also be asked to choose the countries which you would like to visit to attend events, and several other parameters will also have to be set.

You are free to edit your areas of interest as many times as you like by logging in to your subscriber profile. Please edit this until you receive the sorts of events in which you are interested.

You can also change your personal details, including your email address, by logging in to your subscriber profile.

You can choose not to receive emails from us, but view your event preferences online here too (you may like to switch off emails while you are on holiday, for example).

You are also free to unsubscribe from Conal at any time.

For any questions or concerns about subscribing, please contact the Conal team at

A short history of Conal

Please read our weekly posts on this blog , beginning January 2017, for information about attending and organizing events and the services we offer.

Happy New Year to all our followers and subscribers! May 2017 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

Conal was started in June 2000, with the name “Conference Alerts.” At this time, we were the only “Conference Alerts” website; although as we grew, this changed “conference alerts” on websites with event listings. In some parts of the world, the phrase “conference alerts” has now become synonymous with online events calendars.

In 2013 we began the process of changing our name to “Conal”and redesigning our logo to distinguish ourselves from other sites.

Conal’s growth continued as our targeted advertising and newsletters customized to fit subscriber profiles benefited both subscribers and organizers of events.

On 1 May 2012, we launched a new web platform to accommodate our growth, and this platform has been continually developed and improved each year since. We currently have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and organizers, and some customers who have been with us for almost 17 years. Thank you all for your support and feedback.

To subscribe to receive information about events in your area of interest, or to add an event you are organizing to Conal, please visit: Conal