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A short history of Conal

Please read our weekly posts on this blog , beginning January 2017, for information about attending and organizing events and the services we offer.

Happy New Year to all our followers and subscribers! May 2017 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

Conal was started in June 2000, with the name “Conference Alerts.” At this time, we were the only “Conference Alerts” website; although as we grew, this changed “conference alerts” on websites with event listings. In some parts of the world, the phrase “conference alerts” has now become synonymous with online events calendars.

In 2013 we began the process of changing our name to “Conal”and redesigning our logo to distinguish ourselves from other sites.

Conal’s growth continued as our targeted advertising and newsletters customized to fit subscriber profiles benefited both subscribers and organizers of events.

On 1 May 2012, we launched a new web platform to accommodate our growth, and this platform has been continually developed and improved each year since. We currently have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and organizers, and some customers who have been with us for almost 17 years. Thank you all for your support and feedback.

To subscribe to receive information about events in your area of interest, or to add an event you are organizing to Conal, please visit: Conal

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Conal is an online events calendar listing professional and academic events. Subscribers use it to receive event information in their areas of interests, and organizers use it to promote events.

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