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Managing your Conal Organizer account

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If you are an event organizer, and would like to add your event to Conal, you need an organizer account. You cannot add events to our website with a subscriber account, a subscriber account is only for receiving notifications about your events in your area(s) of interest.

To create an organizer account, and add your event to Conal, please visit:

and click on Add event. There is no charge for an ordinary listing, but at the end of the listing process, you will be offered a paid service for additional publicity. Please simply ignore this if it is not needed.

At the same time as adding an event you will be creating an organizer account. If you would like to add more events to Conal Conference Alerts, please log in to your organizer account before adding events. All your events will then be visible on your organizer dashboard, and you will be able to edit and promote them there.

 Here is a link to a tutorial video explaining the process of adding an event to our database:


Author: conalconferencealerts

Conal is an online events calendar listing professional and academic events. Subscribers use it to receive event information in their areas of interests, and organizers use it to promote events.

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