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Be accurate and meticulous about posting event information

We rely on organizers to post information about their events that is accurate and correct. Please check what you post to make sure that the information is current and correct; that the event website address is correct, and that all information that potential event vistors may need is available on your event website.

Update information

If information changes, make sure that you update the information both on the Conal site and your event website. Please also inform us if an event is cancelled, so that we can remove it from our event listings.

Answer queries immediately

There should be a contact email address or short contact form on your event website. Please answer queries about an event as soon as possible. We are not able to handle questions about individual events.

Include all necessary information on your event website and lay that website out clearly

Event information should be detailed and publicly accessible. Lay out your website in a way that is clear, simple, and easily navigable.

When contacting us, include your event ID number

We have thousands of events listed on Conal, so please include your unique event ID number so that we are able to find your event easily and quickly.

Author: conalconferencealerts

Conal is an online events calendar listing professional and academic events. Subscribers use it to receive event information in their areas of interests, and organizers use it to promote events.

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