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Once you have set up your subscriber profile, and are receiving notifications of events in your areas of interest, you are ready to attend events.

We check all events we list to the best of our ability before posting them, but it remains the responsibility of event goers to check for themselves that everything is above board before making arrangements to attend the event or before paying money over to the event organizers.

As with everything on the internet, you need to be careful before making payments online.

Here are some things you can do:

Email the organizer asking questions about the event. Be wary if event organizers do not reply to emails, or answer the questions to your satisfaction. Be wary if their responses are not what you would expect from an academic or professional organization.

Check with the event venue independently to make sure that the event is taking place there. Make sure that the email address you use for the venue is the email address on the venue’s own website, and not the email address supplied by the event organizer. If the two email addresses are different, be wary.

Search for details of organizers online to verify that they are above board. Call the organizers if possible.

Check on the organizer’s cancellation policy.

Contact those who have attended past events organized by the event organizer to find out more about the organizer.

Check the event website repeatedly. If the site cannot be reached, links don’t work or there is anything suspicious about the website; be wary.

Use your common sense, and if something does not feel right about an event, be cautious.

Author: conalconferencealerts

Conal is an online events calendar listing professional and academic events. Subscribers use it to receive event information in their areas of interests, and organizers use it to promote events.

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