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The ad box service highlights your event in an ad box on any three pages of the Conal website  (with the exception of the home page) for a period of one month. It is our most affordable service, and is not subject to booking or available slots, as is the case with the Banner and Spotlight services. Ad boxes run for one month from the day we receive payment confirmation for your order, whereas the Banner and Spotlight services run for a calendar month. Ad box services can therefore be ordered at any time,whatever the day of the month.

An example of an ad box is below; the event in the ad box is highlighted in blue.


Order ad boxes by logging on to your organizer dashboard, clicking on “Promote event” and choosing the Ad box option.

Author: conalconferencealerts

Conal is an online events calendar listing professional and academic events. Subscribers use it to receive event information in their areas of interests, and organizers use it to promote events.

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