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Finding an event on Conal

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Events on the Conal site are organized according to theme and the geographical area where the event is taking place.

Events can be found in the following ways:

By clicking on topic pages

Topic pages, such as Banking and Finance or History page, for example, list events relevant to that particular topic.

Event organizers should note that the keywords they add to an event determine which  on which topic pages that event will be listed, so organizers should make sure that the keywords they add for each event are relevant.

By clicking on country and city pages

Events are also listed by country, and by city.

Remember that Conal web pages containing many events are paginated by month, so remember to click through each page to find relevant events (the pagination for the Banking and Finance page is highlighted below in yellow):


Use the search box

There is a search box on the top right hand side of each Conal page. Type a topic, city, country or the name or partial name of an event into the box. The advanced search enables you to refine your search by using a date range, country and additional search term:



You can subscribe to receive email alerts for events which fit your personal subscriber profile. Click here to subscribe.

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