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The Conal brand

The phrase: “Conference Alerts” has become synonymous in recent years with receiving alerts about conferences in your area of interest.

We were the first people to use this phrase and are the owners of the domain name.

Many people are now using conference alerts phrase, so please use the Conal brand and logo:

to identify our website: Conal, the original Conference Alerts!

Please also follow Conal on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

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Event listing in bold

We sometimes receive queries about how to make an event title appear in bold. The bolding of an event title on Conal is not a promotional service. Bolding is a free value added service which is currently linked to our Featured event service. If you purchase a featured event service, your event title will appear in bold in the listing of events.

(The bolding used to be a value added service linked to the Ad box service, but so many of these services were purchased that almost all events started to appear in bold, which defeated the purpose of bolding the event. It was therefore decided to move the bolding of events to the Featured event service.)

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Making a payment

Most services offered by Conal are free.

We offer services for subcribers who wish to  receive information about events in their fields of interest. Subscriptions are completely free.

The second set of services we offer are for event organizers.  Organizers can choose between free and paid options to promote their event. There is no charge for adding an event to the Conal database, but we also offer 4 additional paid advertising options that organizers can use for event publicity. This paid advertising can be ordered and paid for through the organizer dashboard, and organizers will be directed to a secure payment platform once the promotion has been ordered.

Payment is in USD, and we use two payment platforms: SWReg and Paypal. Please note that depending on the country from which you are making payment, tax may be added to your order. This tax is added by the specific payment platform and questions about payment and tax must be directed to the specific payment platform used.

Customers paying from South Africa are required to pay VAT and pay in ZAR through an EFT. Bank transfers from any other country will not be accepted.

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How to update your subscriber account

It is useful to review the settings and information on your subscriber account from time to time to make sure you are getting the most out of your subscription.

To review the settings with which you subscribed, log in to your subscriber account at Conal. (Please email us if you no longer remember your username, or click on the “I forgot my password” link to reset your password.)

Once you have logged in, you will see the list of events which match your personal profile: My Custom Event List. You can adjust the list of events by changing your personal preferences.

If you click on the “Edit my details and settings” button at the top of the page; you can edit personal information and preferences.



Fields which may be edited are the keywords, countries field, types of events you wish to receive, and your personal details, such as your name and email address. You can also elect to not receive emails here, which you may like to do if you are going to be away. If you elect not to receive emails from us, you will still be able to see your custom event list online.

If you make changes to your details and/or settings, please be sure to click the “Update subscriber details” button at the bottom of the page before you log out, to save the changes you made.