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Cancelling an event

Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry; and sometimes even the most carefully planned events need to be cancelled; usually because of conditions beyond the control of an event organizer.

If this happens for your event, please email Conal staff so that they can suspend the event listing. This should be done immediately you know of the cancellation. If an event has to be postponed, also inform Conal staff immediately. Your event will then be suspended; and the event updated once the new dates are finalised.

Organizers should also immediately inform event delegates and attenders of the cancellation or rescheduling of an event.

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Posting accurate event information

Organizers should make sure that all event information they post is accurate before they post an event on Conal.

Please finalise your event venue, event dates and other information before it is posted, as some crucial fields, such as the date and name of your event, cannot be edited by you after they have been posted. It is possible that Conal staff can edit this information if necessary, but it is better to post accurate information from the start, and not change crucial information such as the dates or name of the event once it has been posted.

If you wish to order the Featured event service, please make sure that the announcement that you submit (which will be sent to Conal subscribers whose profiles match your event profile) is correct and accurate. Please check it for typos, and make sure that the links and email addresses contained in the announcement are correct, and that all websites contained in the announcement can be reached.

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More tips for Organizers

Please check your event listing on Conal frequently to make sure it is up to day. Your organizer dashboard gives you an overview of all your event listings, the status of your event, and shows you messages about your event if these should be necessary.

Make sure that any information about your event is accurate and does not contain typos or spelling mistakes.  You are free to update or edit event information as frequently as you wish so that it accurately reflects your event. Please note that there are some fields which you are not able to edit, please email us if these fields need to be changed.

Check your dashboard to find an event ID number, and always include this number in any correspondence with Conal.

Make sure that information on Conal agrees with all information on your event website: for example, the name of the city in which your event is taking place. (Adding the country after the city name, or any other information added into this field may lead to your event being suspended).

Make sure that any admin email addresses added are accurate, we made need to contact you about your listings; and it goes without saying that event contact email addresses should also be correct.

Remember that taking care with adding and maintaining your event information so that it is always accurate and up to date may lead to more interest in your event.

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Keeping track of things

Whether you are subscribing to receive event alerts, or adding an event as an organizer, it is useful to make a note of the email address which you are using for your Conal account. Please also make a note of the username you are using; and the password you are using.

If you have both a subscriber and an organizer account, please keep careful track of which is which; and use a different email address if possible for the two different accounts.

You are always able to reset account passwords; and you can ask us to send your username to you. Please also contact us if you need help unsubscribing.