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Subscriber tips



  1. Keep a note of the email address with which you subscribe. Password resets are sent to this email address and you will need it to access your subscriber profile.
  2. Keep your subscription updated. If your name changes, or other personal details change, such as your email address, please update them online.
  3. Remember that you can turn off email alerts online. You can do this if you are away for a period, or if you wish to see your alerts online, rather than receiving them by email. You can turn alerts on or off at any point.
  4. Please periodically review your keywords and other fields relevant to event alerts to make sure that the alerts we send you remain relevant to you!

Conal subscriptions are free; please make full use of them!


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Social Media update


We love to connect with Conal users on Social Media. Please like and follow us on Facebook, LinkedinTwitter and Youtube. Social Media will keep you up to date with what is happening on Conal!

We recently added a section to our Facebook page outlining our services: Conal Facebook page services.