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If your event details change…


Organizers can edit some details of events they have added to Conal by logging in to their organizer account and clicking on the edit icon:


For details you are unable to edit, such as  start and end date changes, please contact us at:

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Conal topic pages


Conal lists events in many different areas. Today we feature some Conal topic pages you may not know about. (If you are interested in these topics, subscribe, or update your subscriber keywords so that you receive alerts about events listed on any of these pages).

Space Environment and Aviation Technology conferences worldwide This pages lists events in space and aviation technology taking place all over the world.

Bioinformatics conferences worldwide Visit this page for information about Bioinformatics events.

Veterinary Science conferences worldwide This page lists veterinary science and events dealing with related areas.

Conal also lists many multidisciplinary events. If you do not want to receive such events, please log on your subscriber dashboard and click on the “Edit my details and settings” button.


The uncheck the “Receive information about multidisciplinary events” check box.


Remember to click the “Update subscriber details” button after you have done this to save your new settings.

Please email us if you have questions or concerns: