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Conal – the original conference alerts


Conal began listing events in June 2000 and since then, many other websites listing events have grown up, which is great!

However, it can also be confusing, as some of the websites use variations of the phrase “conference alerts” (first used by Conal) in their name or web address.

The distinguising mark of the Conal  website is our logo:


Both our logo and name, Conal, are trademarked, and may not be used without our express permission. You are only on the Conal website if our logo is there.

Our website address is:

Use the Conal website to subscribe to notifications of events in your areas of interest, or search our extensive list of events on the site.

Organizers can add their events to the website at no cost. Organizers can also use our paid promotional services to garner additional publicity for their events.

Please contact us at: if you have questions.

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How to avoid paying VAT on Conal paid promotions

VAT exempt Conal customers should do the following when ordering a paid promotion and paying through the MyCommerce payment platform:

  1. Choose the country you live in from the country drop down list (highlight 1)
  2. Click on the Show more input fields link (highlight 2)
  3. Additional fields will appear. Fill in your VATID (highlight 3)vatimage

If you are VAT exempt, you will not be charged VAT.