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Facts & Figures


  • Began in June 2000
  • Was originally called “Conference Alerts”
  • Was the first website to use the phrase “Conference Alerts”
  • Has over 300 000 subscribers on our database
  • Has over 100 000 event organizers on our database
  • Offers free listing and targeted advertising of events in our Conal newsletter
  • Offers paid promotional targeted advertising of events paidpromos
  • Visit for more information

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Finding an event on Conal

Events on the Conal site are organized according to theme and the geographical area where the event is taking place.

Events can be found in the following ways:

By clicking on topic pages

Topic pages, such as Banking and Finance or History page, for example, list events relevant to that particular topic.

Event organizers should note that the keywords they add to an event determine which  on which topic pages that event will be listed, so organizers should make sure that the keywords they add for each event are relevant.

By clicking on country and city pages

Events are also listed by country, and by city.

Remember that Conal web pages containing many events are paginated by month, so remember to click through each page to find relevant events (the pagination for the Banking and Finance page is highlighted below in yellow):


Use the search box

There is a search box on the top right hand side of each Conal page. Type a topic, city, country or the name or partial name of an event into the box. The advanced search enables you to refine your search by using a date range, country and additional search term:



You can subscribe to receive email alerts for events which fit your personal subscriber profile. Click here to subscribe.

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Using the ad box service

The ad box service highlights your event in an ad box on any three pages of the Conal website  (with the exception of the home page) for a period of one month. It is our most affordable service, and is not subject to booking or available slots, as is the case with the Banner and Spotlight services. Ad boxes run for one month from the day we receive payment confirmation for your order, whereas the Banner and Spotlight services run for a calendar month. Ad box services can therefore be ordered at any time,whatever the day of the month.

An example of an ad box is below; the event in the ad box is highlighted in blue.


Order ad boxes by logging on to your organizer dashboard, clicking on “Promote event” and choosing the Ad box option.

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Using the banner service

Firstly, please note that before any promotions can be purchased for an event, that event needs to be added to the Conal website, and enabled.

Banners advertising your event can be purchased on any page of the Conal website with the exception of the home page. There are currently four banner slots available on each page of the Conal website, and a slot needs to be available on any page before you can purchase a banner for that page. Please see examples of banners here. (The banners are the four images across the top of the page).

To purchase a banner, please first make sure that you have the banner graphic you wish to upload to the page available. Check that all the details on the banner about your event are correct, and that the banner measures 240px by 150px.

Then, log in to your organizer account.

Scroll down to the event you wish to promote, and click on “Promote event”.

Choose “Banner” as the promotion.

Choose the page, or pages on which you would like your banner to appear. Choose the page(s) off the drop down menu, and then click on Add. If a page on the menu is grayed out, it means there are no free slots available on that page, and the page cannot be chosen. Once you have chosen your page or pages, please click continue.

On the next page you will be asked to upload your banner image. Click on Choose file to do this. Please note, if your image is not the correct size, it will not upload.

Then choose the months for each page. The color guide will show if a page is available or not. It looks like this:


If the month you want is not available (if the gray fully booked color is showing on the month), click on the Back button at the bottom of the page to remove the page in question, or choose another page.

Then click on Continue.

On the next page, confirm that all the information you have chosen or uploaded is correct. Then click on the Place order and pay button.

Your banner promotion will be enabled once we receive proof of payment.

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Using Conal’s Spotlight service

The majority of event organizers add their events to the Conal calendar using our free listing service, but paid promotion services are also available.

The Spotlight service highlights your event with a banner on our home page. This is an effective way to make your event stand out from the rest.

To use this service, please make sure you have a banner ready to upload; and then order and pay for the banner through your organizer dashboard.

Please be sure to order and pay for the service well in advance, as the banners are reserved on a first come first served basis, and the banner slots are booked up many months in advance.

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Choosing the right event for you

Once you have set up your subscriber profile, and are receiving notifications of events in your areas of interest, you are ready to attend events.

We check all events we list to the best of our ability before posting them, but it remains the responsibility of event goers to check for themselves that everything is above board before making arrangements to attend the event or before paying money over to the event organizers.

As with everything on the internet, you need to be careful before making payments online.

Here are some things you can do:

Email the organizer asking questions about the event. Be wary if event organizers do not reply to emails, or answer the questions to your satisfaction. Be wary if their responses are not what you would expect from an academic or professional organization.

Check with the event venue independently to make sure that the event is taking place there. Make sure that the email address you use for the venue is the email address on the venue’s own website, and not the email address supplied by the event organizer. If the two email addresses are different, be wary.

Search for details of organizers online to verify that they are above board. Call the organizers if possible.

Check on the organizer’s cancellation policy.

Contact those who have attended past events organized by the event organizer to find out more about the organizer.

Check the event website repeatedly. If the site cannot be reached, links don’t work or there is anything suspicious about the website; be wary.

Use your common sense, and if something does not feel right about an event, be cautious.

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Tips for event organizers

Be accurate and meticulous about posting event information

We rely on organizers to post information about their events that is accurate and correct. Please check what you post to make sure that the information is current and correct; that the event website address is correct, and that all information that potential event vistors may need is available on your event website.

Update information

If information changes, make sure that you update the information both on the Conal site and your event website. Please also inform us if an event is cancelled, so that we can remove it from our event listings.

Answer queries immediately

There should be a contact email address or short contact form on your event website. Please answer queries about an event as soon as possible. We are not able to handle questions about individual events.

Include all necessary information on your event website and lay that website out clearly

Event information should be detailed and publicly accessible. Lay out your website in a way that is clear, simple, and easily navigable.

When contacting us, include your event ID number

We have thousands of events listed on Conal, so please include your unique event ID number so that we are able to find your event easily and quickly.