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Our promotional services

Today we showcase some events from organizers using paid promotional services on our website:

Banner service:



This is event is using a Banner service on the United States and other Conal pages.

Spotlight service:


International Conference For Academic Disciplines

This event is using the Spotlight service on the Conal home page.

Ad box service:


Pegs Boston 2018

This event is using the Ad box service on the United States and other pages.

Bold event service:


5th Annual International Conference on Law, Economics and Politics – AICLEP 2018 April (Boston) 

This event is using the Bold event service. The event name appears in bold wherever the event is listed on Conal. See, for example, the United States page.

In additional to the promotions on our website, we also offer the Featured event service which promotes your event through email. Please contact us at should you wish to know more about any of our paid promotions.

You can also simply add your event to our calendar for free!


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Spotlight service

Our Spotlight service offers organizers a banner on the much visited Conal home page.

Spotlights are excellent advertising, and are most sought after. The Spotlight service is subject to availability. Spotlight slots are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. The Spotlight service costs 320 USD per month.

See our video (above) about how to order it.

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Subscribers: Call for papers tip


We send event notifications as soon as the organizers post them on our website, but unfortunately, sometimes this is after the call for papers deadline has passed.
To ensure that you only receive notifications of events where the call is still open, log in to your subscriber profile and click on the Edit my details and settings button. Then scroll down to the My Details block, and make sure that the “Only send events with current calls for papers?” box is ticked.

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Promoting your event


The image above shows 3 of the paid promotions we offer for events on the Conal website: Banner ads (the banner image is at the top of the page), Ad box ads (these ads are shown on the left hand side of the page) and the Bold event service (event titles are shown in bold).

Should you wish to purchase any of these paid promotions for your event, please first add your event to Conal, and then order and pay for the promotion through your organizer dashboard.


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Conal staff member rides the Argus


Congratulation to Andy, a Conal stafff member, who participated in the Cape Argus cycle race on 11th March. This was the 40th edition of  the biggest timed bicycle race in the world.

Here are some photos Andy took during the race: