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Be Bold!


Today is the day!

Our Bold Event Service price has been reduced from 70 USD to 55 USD. Make the most of this opportunity and order the service for your event using your organizer dashboard.

The Bold Event Service lasts from the day it is activated, which is as soon as payment has been confirmed, right up until the date of your event, even if that is 2 years from the date the Bold Event Service was ordered.

Be bold, and promote your event with this service today.

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From our archives


Images of our old logo and flyers from 2007. This photo was taken at a Conal (Conference Alerts as we were known then) display at a conference in Singapore.


Google branded pack Conal received by Conal for being a successful Google Adsense publisher. We think this image also dates from around 2007.

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News from our sport sponsorship program


Last year in October, Conal began sponsoring staff member Serole Hlongwane’s road running. Here is Serole at Runaway Sport where he purchased his running shoes.

On Sunday 25 February Serole participated in the first Conal sponsored marathon:  Deloitte Pretoria Marathon.

He ran a time of 4 hours 25 minutes; slower than he would have liked because of some cramping on the hills. This weekend, Serole is racing again; we wish him well.

Serole hopes to participate in the Comrades Marathon next year.

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Subscriber tips



  1. Keep a note of the email address with which you subscribe. Password resets are sent to this email address and you will need it to access your subscriber profile.
  2. Keep your subscription updated. If your name changes, or other personal details change, such as your email address, please update them online.
  3. Remember that you can turn off email alerts online. You can do this if you are away for a period, or if you wish to see your alerts online, rather than receiving them by email. You can turn alerts on or off at any point.
  4. Please periodically review your keywords and other fields relevant to event alerts to make sure that the alerts we send you remain relevant to you!

Conal subscriptions are free; please make full use of them!


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Social Media update


We love to connect with Conal users on Social Media. Please like and follow us on Facebook, LinkedinTwitter and Youtube. Social Media will keep you up to date with what is happening on Conal!

We recently added a section to our Facebook page outlining our services: Conal Facebook page services.



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Editing your event listing on Conal

To edit event details, please log in to your organizer account on Conal.

If you no longer remember your username and/or password, please email; we will then send you the username, and once you have this, you will be able to reset your password.

To edit your event, please click on the Edit icon on your organizer dashboard, next to the event you wish to edit.


You will then be able to edit keywords, and some other event details. Should you wish to change a field which is not editable, or cancel your event, please email

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Conal expands its reach

We would like to notify event organizers and subscribers that as from 24 January 2018, in addition to the events it already lists, Conal will begin listing and promoting the following types of events:

Tradeshows or Expos
Short Courses
Organizers are now free to add these types of events to our website.
Conal subscribers can choose the types of events they wish to receive alerts about on their subscriber dashboards. Please log in to your subscriber dashboard on Conal to change your choices and other personal details.