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Using the Featured event service

The Featured event service is our popular email alerts service.

It sends an email announcement about your event to our subscribers whose personal profiles match your event profile. Because of this, it is extremely targeted, and so effective. Many longterm customers use this service to publicize their events.

How to use the service

Add your event to Conal, and then choose the Featured event service from the Paid promotions dashboard:


You can also choose this service after your event has been added by clicking on the “Promote this event” button on your organizer dashboard:


Make sure you have an announcement ready to paste into the event announcement space which is the next step of the order process:


You will then be asked to check the announcement, and confirm that all details are correct. Then choose to pay through the secure server at SWReg or through Paypal.


Once your payment has been confirmed, the announcements about your event will be emailed to Conal subscribers whose personal profiles match your event profile within 3 business days. You will be emailed a report of how many Conal subscribers received your announcements as soon as your announcements have been sent out.


20160701_150646 (2)In 2015 and 2016, Conal installed solar panels and purchased gas heaters for staff use at our offices.



We are pleased to report that the solar systems have contributed to sustainability by helping preserve the environment, and ensuring that the Conal site is able to function through power outages.


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From the Conal photo archive



Conal staff member at the Google, South Africa launch in 2007.

Conal (then Conference Alerts) display event in Shanghai 2008, where Conal was a media partner.



The 2009 IACSIT Spring Conference in Singapore where Conal, then Conference Alerts, was a media partner.

Below some photos of the 2009 IACSIT organizers, delegates and a Conal staff member.


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Our logo


Our logo was born in 2013 and features a globe of the world to show our worldwide reach. It uses our original name: “Conference Alerts”, combining this with the shortened version of this name: “Conal”, so it both describes our origins and looks to the future. The logo uses colors which were associated with the website from our earliest days. Our logo is trademarked. No company other than Conal and no website other than have permission to use this logo, and unauthorized use may be reported to us at

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Conal on Youtube

If you are new to Conal you might like to see our latest offering on the Conal Youtube channel:


Subscribe to the Conal Youtube channel for videos about how to use the Conal website and other info.

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Top queries

Today we provide answers to queries we have recently received from organizers and subscribers to the Conal website.

Organizer question: If I have reached my 20 free event listing limit, how do I add more events to Conal?

Answer:  Log in to your organizer dashboard, and order and pay for any paid promotion for one of the events listed on your organizer dashboard. For each promotion paid for, you will be able to add one additional event. (Hint: if your organization runs many events each year, please budget for some paid promotions if you need to add more than 20 events per year to our calendar. Please also order and pay for promotions before the events listed on your dashboard take place, as you are unable to order promotions for events which have passed).

Subscriber: I have forgotten my username and password. What should I do?

Please email us. We can look up your username, and you can then use this to reset your password. (Hint: Please make a note of the email address you used when you subscribed to Conal if you have more than one email address.)

Organizer: I need to change the date of my event, as it has been postponed, but am unable to edit this field. What should I do?

Please email us.

Remember to include the ID number of the event in question in your email, and we will edit the dates for your. Please also provide the reason for the change of date in your email.

Subscriber: I wish to change the sorts of events I receive. What should I do?

Log in to your subscriber profile on Conal. Once you are logged in, you will be able to edit your personal details. Changing your keywords, the countries in the country field, and the types of events will all influence the sorts of alerts you receive. Please feel free to edit your personal profiles as many times as you like until you receive the sorts of events in which you are interested.

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Final birthday month Conal history post

As we come to the end of our birthday month, we bring you a final post about Conal history. This one compares what our United States page looked like back in the day with our current US page.

Our US page looked like this in May 2012:


We were using Ad boxes down the side of the page, but banners on this page were only introduced later, as can be seen from looking at the same page in 2014:


Today, our US page looks like this:


Thanks once again to the Wayback Machine for helping us write these history blog posts. We hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we at Conal enjoyed remembering and writing them!