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Target alerts correctly

We pride ourselves on our advertising being extremely targeted and effective because it is so targeted. Countless returning customers are testimony to this.

Targeted advertising does mean though, that whether you are a subscriber, or an event organizer, that you need carefully consider all information on your dashboard describing events so that you receive the alerts you want to through your subscriber account; and that the events in your organizer account reach the correct target audience.

As a subscriber, you will only receive information about the areas you specify on your subscriber profile.

Review the keywords you have chosen to make sure that they adequately describe your interests, if you are a subscriber.

If you are an organizer, make sure the event keywords accurately reflect the theme of the event.

You are free to edit keywords as many times as you like as a subscriber and an organizer. (Please note though; that organizers cannot edit keywords after they have placed an order for the featured event service as this may disrupt the sending of the event announcements; please make sure all keywords are correct before placing the order.)

Subscribers should specify every country in which they are interested in visiting  in order to attend an event; if there are many countries, choose “All countries” . (If you specify Japan, India and Thailand, for example, you will receive only alerts of events taking place in these three countries; events in other Asian countries will not be sent to you.)

Other fields of your subscriber profile should also be reviewed to make sure the information in them correctly reflects the sorts of alerts you wish to receive.

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How to turn off Conal emails

The holiday season is fast approaching! During this busy period, it may be more convenient for you to see event information on your subscriber dashboard, rather than in emails. The events listed on your subscriber dashboard will match your personal subscriber profile, just as those in the emails do. You can turn on the option to receive Conal emails again at any time.

If you would like to turn off email notifications for a while, please follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your subscriber account. (If you do not remember your password, request a password reset by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link under the login on the home page.
  • If you no longer remember your username, email Conal:
  • Click on the blue Subscriber dashboard button. subdashboardbutton
  • Click on the “Edit my details and settings” button.
  • Scroll down to the “Details” block and uncheck the “Receive newsletter” tickbox and the “Receive periodic event announcements” tickbox. Make sure that both boxes are uncheck if you do not want to receive any email from Conal.


  • Once you have done this, click the “Update subscriber details” button at the bottom of the page.

You will still be able to see the list of events which match your person profile online by logging in to your subscriber profile and clicking on the “My custom event list” button.


Begin receiving alert emails again by logging in to your subscriber profile, and checking either or both of the “Receive newsletter?” and “Receive periodic event announcements?” buttons.

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More sporting news

Conal would like to congratulate staff member Andy on successfully completing the 94.7 bike race yesterday. Andy rode the 94.07km in 04:51:34 . It is his first time riding this race.

The pics below show the hard work put in preparing for the race. Andy attends a spinning class for an hour four times a week. He also trains on group rides; below are two pictures of the first group ride.

Training pics taken later, when Andy had more group ride experience:

Then came the Carnival City race:


As Andy crossed the finish line yesterday, Conal staff members cheered him on:

Awesome Andy! Here’s to many successful rides in the future.

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New Promotion: Bold event



We are please to announce the Bold event service which was launched as a paid promotion on 1 November 2018.

For years we have been offering the bold event service a free value added service linked to other paid promotions, but feedback from customers indicated they would like to purchase a Bold event service separately.

The Bold event service costs 70 USD.

It makes the title of your event appear in bold font. The service will be active from the date we activate the service for you after receiving payment, until the date of your event. It will make your event stand out from other event listings on Conal.

Please order the Bold event service through your organizer dashboard on Conal.

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Otter Trail Run

Conal has an ongoing program sponsoring staff members interested in road running, trail running an biking. Currently 4 staff members are making use of sponsorships.

This weekend, two staff members participated in the Otter Trail Run. Well done Ruth and Ralph!