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Black Friday is coming to Conal!

Black Friday Twitter Teaser


If you missed out on last week’s 10 percent discount sale, you’ll want to make sure that you mark your calendar for Conal’s Black Friday sale on 23 November 2018. Conal’s Black Friday sale will apply to all paid advertising purchased during Black Friday (23 November 2018).


You can still add your event to the Conal database for FREE here:


Conal offers several paid advertising options, in addition to our free service. You can find out about Conal’s paid advertising options here:

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Conal November Special!

Nov Discount Blog BannerFINAL


Conal is offering 10% off all paid advertising from 12 to 18 November 2018.

Conal offers several paid advertising options:



The Ad Box Service: Displays an ad box on 3 relevant listing pages of the Conal site (can be purchased in 30 day units).

The Bold Event Service: Your event name appears in bold text on all of Conal’s listing pages. This service runs for the duration of your event being listed on Conal.

The Banner Advertisement Service: Displays your event banner image on Conal listing pages (you choose the listing pages and the calendar months).

The Featured Event Service: An announcement dedicated to your event is emailed to targeted Conal subscribers.

The Spotlight Service: Displays your event banner image on the Conal home page.


You can still add your event to Conal’s database for FREE here:

Once you have added your event, you will be offered the option of additional paid advertising. If you buy paid advertising from 12 to 18 November 2018, it will cost you 10% less!



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Biking news

Congratulations to Andy who rode the Tshwane Classic yesterday, and improved on previous times. Andy sent us these pictures:

Tshwane Classic 05


On 28 October, Andy rode in the Carnival City race:

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The Otter Run

Congratulations to Ruth and Ralph who both completed the Otter Run last weekend. Both improved on last year’s times; in the Otter Challenge, Ruth just missed the cutoff time of 11 hours last year, and this year ran it in 9.55.39. Ralph came an amazing 54th in the Otter Race with a time of 5:36:15,73.


Ralph at the start of the race

Ruth and Ralph at the end of their races


Ruth at the early morning start of the race.

Congratulations again!

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Conal news this week

A few Conal paid promotion customers have experienced issues with paying via the new MyCommerce payment platform. These issues are being addressed, thank you for making us aware of them. Please email for help if you need support, and please note that you can also pay through Paypal. (Please choose the Paypal button when ordering if you would like to use this option.)


Two Conal employees are taking part in Otter Trail runs on the scenic Otter Trail in the Eastern Cape this year. We wish them all the best. The Otter Challenge takes place on the 17 and 18 October, and the Otter Run on 19 and 20 October. The Otter Run is the finale of the Golden Trail Series.

Challenge: 17-18 October. Run: 19-20 October

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Conal payments


Conal currently uses two payment platforms to accept additional promotion payments: MyCommerce and Paypal. Both of these platforms are internationally recognized, and use secure servers.

The MyCommerce platform until recently was known as SWReg; so regular users of this platform may notice some changes in the ordering process and invoices.

The changeover process went smoothly, but at one point there was an issue affecting certain organizers when ordering the Featured Event Service; should you have been affected by this, please email us for help placing your order.

Conal is continually striving to make the payment process as user friendly as possibly. Should you have any questions about payments, or have difficulties in ordering or paying for an promotion, please email us at and we will assist you promptly.