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More images from our photo archives

Our Conal staff have done our brand proud by participating in runs and outdoor activities:


Ralph coming third at the Highland Gate trail run in Dullstroom.


Ruth and Ralph at Hedianga Beast Trail run in Pretoria.

Andy is training hard on his bike, and Serole has just joined a road running club. Watch this space for updates.

Way to go Conal staff!

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Banner ads

Banners are 240px by 150px images advertising events which can be displayed on any page of the Conal website (excluding the home page).

They cost 75 USD per page per month. Please watch our video on how to order a banner if you would like to use this promotion:

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Conal news

Last week Conal had a swarm of bees removed from their premises. The bees were making their home in a compost bin; but as the Conal offices are in a built up area, this poses a threat to the people working and living in the area.

A bee keeper was therefore contacted to relocate the bees, which was done successfully.


Conal is delighted that bees make use of the Conal garden and we  are opposed to the use of pesticides to deal with them. We are grateful to all the bee keepers who help relocate these insects which play such a crucial role in our environment.

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Hints for using the FES effectively

The Featured event service provides targeted advertising for your event. See previous post).

To get the most from the Featured event service, we suggest you do the following:

  • Have the long announcement about your event ready before you order the service. Make sure that the announcement has been carefully proof-read before you post and order. There should be no typos in the announcement, the announcement should be clearly written and grammatically correct, and all the web links and urls in the announcement should work.
  • Your featured event service announcements will be sent out within 3 working days of us receiving confirmation of payment for the order. Be ready to answer any queries you get about your event immediately you receive inquiries.
  • Don’t overuse the featured event service. People find receiving too many emails about an event irritating. Although you can use the Featured event service more than once for the same event; we will not send out emails about the same event more than once in any month. If you want to send more than one email about an event, allow more than one month to pass before ordering again; and change the announcement you send out, so that people receive different information.