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The last few days of discounts!

Thank you to all the organizers who supported Conal through Covid, and made use of the discounts we offered during this time. On Monday 1 August 2022, we will be returning to our usual pricing, so please make the most of the last few days of automatically applied discounts. For more about the paid promotions we offer, please visit our Promote Your Events page. If you have questions, please email

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Featured organizer

From time to time we feature one of the organizers who use Conal. Here we tell you more about East Asia Research

Established in Singapore, East Asia Research (EAR) endeavors to be the gateway to improving lives and enhancing productivity in Asia through promoting the cross-geographical exchange of ideas and knowledge in various faculties. This will be achieved through the dissemination of knowledge from the Asia-focused research conferences and publications by EAR.

East Asia Research is organizing 4 Academic conferences in December 2022 in Singapore.

2022 Asia-Singapore Conference on Sport Science

2022 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology

2022 International Conference on Technologies in STEM

2022 Asia- Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance

It’s going to be your opportunity to present research results, exchange ideas, and network. The conferences are conducted in a hybrid form, so you can choose to attend them in person or virtually. Enjoy, and be sure to invite friends to attend them too. Go for it. 

Sincerely, Anthony Tan Lee Ming

Conference Director, East Asia Research

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Email Alert with Conal!

One of our best loved promotional services is changing its name! Our Featured event service, which sends emails to Conal subscribers whose profile match your event profile, will from now on be called Email Alert, and this name accurately describes the service.

To find our more about our promotional services, please visit our promotions page, or email us at:

Woman in brown robe using MacBook air: Image credit: Vlada Karpovich

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Happy New Year!

As we move in 2022, Conal wishes all our subscribers and organizers a very happy new year!

Please note that on 1 February 2022, we are adjusting our prices. Since the start of Covid, we have been giving a 30% discount on all paid promotions. Starting February 1, we are adjusting the discount to 20%.

We hope these discounts are of benefit in these difficult times.

Please remember to use the 30% while it lasts!

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Happy holidays to all!

Thank you to everyone who has made use of the Conal website and services in the past year.

We know everyone has been through a trying time, and we wish everyone peace, health and prosperity over the holiday season and in the coming year.

Conal remains committed to helping people find events in their areas of interest, and helping organizers promote their events. All the best; may the academic and professional community we serve go from strength to strength.

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Covid sale ending soon!

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Conal has been offering 30% discounts on all promotions to assist event organizers. These discounts are automatically applied when promotions are ordered.

Sale prices:

Spotlight servicebanner on Conal home page: 224 USD per month (Usual price: 320 USD) (Please note this service is subject to availability)

Banner servicebanner on topic, country and city pages: 56 USD per page, per month (Usual price: 80 USD) (Please note this service is subject to availability)

Featured event servicesends targeted email announcements: 112 USD (Usual price: 160 USD)

Ad box serviceAd box on 3 pages of Conal site: 38.50 USD per month (Usual price: 55 USD)

Bold event servicehighlights event name in bold on Conal pages: 38.50 USD (Usual price: 55 USD)

Please note: Our prices are going to be adjusted soon.

Please make the most of the Covid sale before it ends!

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Reminder: Check events carefully

Although Conal makes every effort to check events before we list them, it is impossible for us to guarantee the authenticity of events, or comment on their academic quality. This remains the responsibility of the conference goer. The blog post below was written by Brian Campbell from Ex Ordo Conference software, and gives some good pointers on checking academic conferences:

Please also be wary of organizers using event listing platforms with names or web addresses similar to ours; we have no affiliation with any other event listing platform, and permission is required to use our trade marked logo:

Our Facebook, and other social media pages, are below. They also carry our trade mark:

Connect with us on social media to see our Events of the Day; or browse our YouTube videos for support on using our website to the best advantage.

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Did you know?

Subscriber tip: Conal helps you get to know event organizers. After searching for an event in your area of interest, click on the View all events from this organizer button. You will be able to see a list of all future events from the organizer which have been added to Conal. An example is below:

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Exhibitions, Expos and more!

Conal has expanded the types of events we list.

Check out our current art exhibitions:

Details from two paintings on the “Round Trip” exhibition. (Photo credits: David Ceruti)

See also “Ethereal” Group exhibition: 14th October to 9th November 2021 and more.

We also list Expos and Trade Shows, like “The Buildings Show”.

Add your event to Conal and attract the right audience.

Contact us on