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Sponsorship news

Congratulations to Ralph and Ruth who took part in the Cool Ideas Magalies trail run on 28 September and  Kaia Manzi trail run on 29 September.

Ralph came second in the Magalies trail run and 4th in the 20km Kaia Manzi trail run on 29 September. Well done!

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We wish them well for the Otter Trail run this week.

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How to check if an event is authentic



Although Conal checks each event added to our website to the best of our ability; it remains the responsibility of anyone intending to attend an event or pay money to organizers to ascertain that the event is a genuine event, and that the organizers are trustworthy.

Please read out blog post about event scams and ways to avoid them:

Subscribers should do their own checks for the authenticity of events through internet searches and getting in touch with the event venue before making arrangements to attend an event.

Please act carefully and responsibly so that you have a rewarding experience when attending an event.

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Conal and the Comrades

Two Conal employees completed the Comrades Marathon in June 2019.

Here are some photos of Serole and Ralph during the race, as well as a video; congratulations to both of them, you did us proud!


The start of the Comrades Marathon on 9 June 2019.

Serole’s Comrades:

Ralph’s Comrades:

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Sponsorship update

The Comrades Marathon is an ultramarathon of approximately 89 kilometres (55 miles) which is run annually in South Africa between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. 2019 marks the running of the 94th Comrades Marathon and two Conal staff members will be participating, and one staff member seconding.

This year’s Comrades is run on Sunday 9th June.

We wish Conal staff members all the best with this race! We will keep you updated.