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Sponsorship update

The Comrades Marathon is an ultramarathon of approximately 89 kilometres (55 miles) which is run annually in South Africa between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. 2019 marks the running of the 94th Comrades Marathon and two Conal staff members will be participating, and one staff member seconding.

This year’s Comrades is run on Sunday 9th June.

We wish Conal staff members all the best with this race! We will keep you updated.

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Organizer tip


Organizers are free to edit events after they have been added to the Conal website.

However, certain fields of events, such as date and name, cannot be changed by organizers after events are added.

If, for some reason, these fields need to be changed, please email and Conal admin will review the request and make the change for you if the changes pass review.

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Organizer tips: Why Bold your event?

It’s great value for money!


The Conal Bold event service allows your event to appear in Bold on all pages of the Conal website, and in Conal Monthly, from the time your payment is confirmed until the date of your event, even if your event takes place a year or more after you pay.

The service costs 55 USD; and allows your event to be highlighted in many different places for a long period of time.

Order your Bold event service on your Conal organizer dashboard.

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Conal at the Two Oceans



Conal runs a sponsorship programme, and one of our staff members, Serole Hlongwane, participated in the Two Oceans Half Marathon on 24th April.

The Two Oceans describes itself as the “world’s most beautiful marathon” but Serole did not stop to enjoy the views! He ran an excellent race, finishing with a time of 1hour 51. Well done Serole!



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MyCommerce maintenance notice

Customers buying paid promotions please not that the MyCommerce payment platform used by Conal will be undergoing an infrastructure update on Tues 7 May:

Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Time: From 5:00 AM CDT/12:00 PM CEST, lasting approximately 6 hours

During the planned maintenance, the system will continue to take orders. However, customers may see temporary delays in fulfillment and order confirmation emails. All functionality is expected to resume as usual after the maintenance.

Please note that Conal also offers payment through Paypal; customers may use this option instead of Mycommerce on 7th May if they wish.

Questions and queries about payment may be send to

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We are on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube.

These channels provide up to the minute Conal news and innovations. Use them to get the most you can out of Conal.

You can also contact us on social media; or use the email address to keep in touch.

Whether you are attending or organizing an event, use Conal to make the most of your experience.