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Easily find online events

Easily find online events with Conal by clicking on the

button on any of our event webpages. If an event is going to take place online, it will have a green

logo next to it. Click on the

button to see both online and in person events.

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Reminder: Please state your venue clearly

Organizers, please remember to be clear about where and how your event will be held. If it is to be held online, or both in person and online, please state this on your event website.

If it is to be held in person, please clearly state what will happen if Covid restrictions prevent this from happening.

Thank you; this will greatly assist those wanting to attend your event.

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Top tips for organizers

Covid has brought uncertainty, and changing conditions are a challenge for event organizers. Below are tips to help event organizers in the current climate.

Put your event on the map by making sure people receive relevant and accurate information about your event. Conal helps you do this; add your event for free, and further promote it at 30% discount prices!

Location and venue: Make sure that attenders know exactly where and how your event is being held. In the Conal event city field, put Online if your event is being held virtually. If your event is both Online and In person, put Online in the city field, and the country in which the event is being held in the country field. Attenders will be able to see the exact situation by visiting your event website.

Update your event website: Keep your website accurate and the information displayed there current.

Dates: If dates change, update your event website and email We will change the dates on our website for you. (This applies to all fields of information. Please keep keep information up to date and accurate, and email us if you have questions.)

Answer emails quickly and efficiently: this provides certainty and reflects well on your organization.

Have a clear and efficient cancellation and refund policy. A clear policy should be in place and honored in a climate where cancellation of event attendance may be unavoidable and will probably be more frequent.

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Events in a Covid World

Covid has meant adapting the way we live our lives, and events are adapting too.

Events are still taking place, and Conal is here to help you find those events in your areas of interest.

Currently some events are being held in hybrid mode, that is, they are taking place both online and in person, while others are being held only in virtual mode.

Let Conal help you navigate this new world of events. Visit our Online events page to see our listing of online events.

We are currently working on more user friendly ways of displaying online and in person events. Watch this space!

Please email if you have questions.

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Update your subscriber profile

Covid has changed the world we live in, and subscribers need to make sure that their Conal profile is updated to reflect possible changes.

  • Please make sure that your email address is correct. It may have changed if you are now working from home. Please note, Conal staff do not change email addresses. To do this please log in to your personal profile on Conal.
  • Make sure that your keywords accurately reflect your interest areas. 
  • If you are interested in attending online events, please make sure that the webinar option is ticked.

To make changes or check your personal subscriber profile, please log in, click on the Subscriber dashboard button, and then choose one of the buttons below:

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Conal and WebinarNinja

Webinars are a powerful marketing/sales tool….because they’re a powerful teaching tool. Host engaging lessons, and turn students into customers. That’s the webinar way. Learn more at:

Image may contain: text that says "Sell someone a fish, and you get revenue for a day. Teach someone to fish, and they'll buy fishing gear from you for a lifetime. WebinarNinja Teaching is the new selling."

Conal is a WebinarNinja affiliate.

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Showcasing Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center


Experience one of the largest luxury hotels in Bangalore, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center located in Prestige Shantiniketan, Bangalore.

The hotel is ideally located near major corporations, IT parks and tourist spots like temples, gardens and major malls like Forum Shantiniketan and Phoenix Mall. The hotel offers in total 14 meeting spaces with a total meeting area of over 65,000 sq. ft.

The centerpiece of the hotel is the convention center located right next to the hotel’s main building and the perfect place to host large corporate events, grand weddings and intimate family gatherings, complete with comprehensive audio- visual technology, custom catering and a team of expert event planners.

The Convention Center is one of the best wedding reception venues in Whitefield, Bangalore Discover the spacious hotel rooms and suites with superior amenities, unique restaurants and bars serving delicious international and Indian fare, and a refreshing outdoor swimming pool with 24-hour Sheraton fitness center. Rejuvenate yourself at
Shine spa, which offers exceptional body therapies and beauty services.

O +91 8071008156 M +91 95139 82010


Prestige Shantiniketan Hoodi, Whitefield

Bengaluru –  560 048

Guest posts on the Conal blog allow venues and services relevant to meetings and conferences to advertise in this difficult time. To apply to have your guest post showcased, please contact

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Host Webinars with Conal and WebinarNinja

Event organizers have been hit especially hard by the global pandemic, lockdown restrictions and social distancing regulations.
Many event organizers have turned to virtual events as an alternative, but at Conal we realise that hosting events in an online environment can be tricky.
That is why Conal has partnered with WebinarNinja to offer event organizers a simple platform for hosting professional webinars.
Webinar software can be ugly, clunky, and a real pain to use.

But not WebinarNinja.

WebinarNinja is years ahead of the rest with its cutting-edge broadcast tech and features you just don’t get elsewhere.

Features like:

HIGH QUALITY HD webinars with zero delay.
Slide uploads that don’t require screen share
10-second (literally) webinar creation
Universal device compatibility
A webinar search engine
Hybrid live/evergreen webinars
Gorgeous embedded sales offers

Try it out for free. WebinarNinja offers a free 14-day trial with every membership.

Start running better webinars with no worries. Click the link below to get started.

Conal lists webinars and other online events for free. Add your event to our listings for free.
If you would like to purchase additional advertising, Conal is currently offering organizers 30% off all paid promotions.