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Newsflash! 30% discount extended


After discussion today; Conal staff decided to extend our 30% discount for an additional month. The discount will be automatically applied to paid promotions ordered during July 2020. Please email if you have questions about our services or promotions.

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Final day of Covid sale

Today is the final day of Conal’s 20th birthday month, and the final day of our 30% off discount sale. Please make the most of this discount, it will be automatically applied to all paid promotions until the end of today.

Thank you for using Conal, and please feel free to contact us if you questions about our services or promotions on

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More Conal memories

In June, Conal’s birthday month, we bring you more memories from the last 20 years.

Remember that our birthday gift to event organizers is an automatically applied 30% discount on all paid promotions until the end of June 2020!

We care for the environment, so installed solar panels at our offices about 5 years ago, and our offices now run solely on solar power.

We began a sponsorship program around this time as well to to encourage a healthy lifestyle for staff members. We know that even though large sporting activities have been curtailed by Covid-19; Conal staff continue to train at home, and in public areas where social distancing is possible.

Here are some memories of Conal staff taking part in public events in the past:

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Happy Birthday Conal!

20 years ago today, Conal was born with the name: Conference Alerts.

We are proud to have served you for 20 years.

To celebrate, we will extend our 30% discount across all promotions until the end of June. The discount will be applied automatically when you order any promotion in June.

Throughout the month of June, we will be bringing you Conal memories and images. Please click on the image to see the caption.

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Online event tips


The Covid-19 crisis has forced people all over the world to change physical events to online events. Conal is supports online events; please watch our social media platforms for hints and tips; and add your online events to Conal.

When adding an online event to Conal, please put: “Online” in the city field, and “Other” in the country field. Add keywords such as “online”, “virtual” and “webinar” to your event keywords to help subscribers who are looking for online events find your event more easily. This will also ensure that your event is listed on the Conal Online events page.

Use a reputable platform to host your online event, such as Zoom or Google Meet.

Spend time familiarizing yourself with the online platform you have chosen. What features do they offer? Some useful features include:

  • Polling meeting delegates
  • recording the meeting
  • changing the background to your video; this could show your company logo, for example

Check if there are limits on the meeting package you choose; such as a time limit to the meeting, or a limit on the number of people attending the meeting.

Before the event goes live; do a try run. Check your camera and sound to make sure they are working correctly. The best lighting is from the front; make sure that people will be able to see you and all other delegates.

Watch this space for more information on hosting and attending online events. Please email with questions.

We also welcome ideas and feedback.

Stay safe, and enjoy exploring the new possibilities hosting online events offer!

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Covid-19 subscriber alerts


With much of the world in lockdown, event organizers are turning to virtual events and online conferencing.

Keep up to date!

  • Make sure you have one or more of the following keywords in your personal profile keywords: online, webinar, virtual. These keywords in your profile mean you will receive alerts of online events. To add these keywords, log in to your subscriber profile. (Email us on if you no longer remember your username or password).
  • Browse the new Conal Online page for events in your areas of interest.
  • Familiarize yourself with Zoom and other virtual event presentation platforms.
  • Follow Conal social media: We are on WordPress, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube.

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Conal Shopping Cart goes live!


Today the Conal Shopping Cart went live!

This means ordering promotions will be easier and more convenient.

Now organizers can:

  • Order multiple promotions for the same event, and pay for all promotions at once,
  • Order promotions for different events and receive one invoice,
  • Order multiple promotions for multiple events, in one order, with one invoice.

Try the cart on Conal now; add different promotions to your cart before paying, and use the 30% discount to promote your events!

Please note that our 30% discount to assist organizers deal with changes caused by Covid-19 is still being automatically applied to all orders. We will continue to give this discount as our contribution towards combating the virus until further notice.


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Adding an online event to Conal


When adding an event to Conal that is an online or virtual event; please put “Online” in the city field, and choose “Other” from the dropdown list of countries.

Also please add the keywordsonline“, “virtual” or “webinar” to your event keywords. This ensures that your event is automatically listed on the Conal Online events page.


List your virtual event


To assist organizers who are now holding virtual instead of physical events because of the Covid-19 situation, Conal has created an Online topic page.

To list your event on the Online page, please add the words: online, virtual or webinar (whichever is applicable) when adding your event to Conal.

You can also add these words to the keywords of events already listed on Conal . Your event will then appear on the Online page in addition to the pages it already appears on.

Please also note:

Conal is currently offering a 30% discount on all paid promotions to help event organizers who are currently going through a difficult time. This discount will be automatically applied, and is not currently time limited.

If you need help editing event information, please email us at: and we will assist you.

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Event date changes


Please help us keep our event information accurate and up to date.

If your event dates or other information has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, please email us, giving us the event ID number, and we will make the changes for you. Please make sure that your event website is updated with the changes before emailing us.

Conal is currently offering a 33% discount on all paid promotions to help organizers publicize event changes. This discount will be automatically applied, and is not currently time limited.

Thank you for using Conal, and all the best with your events. Keep safe in these trying times.